Peperomia Rosso Pot

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Peperomia Rosso Pot


Peperomia Rosso Plant 

Common name: Emerald Ripple Pepper

Piperacaea Family

The flowers of the rosso plant are greenish white, very small and grow at the end of 2" – 3″ inches long reddish spikes.

The scentless flowers appear in the springtime and summer.

These indoor House plants have gorgeous dark glossy green textured leaves with a red tone on the underside.

The potted plant comes in a neutral coloured ceramic pot. 


Rosso peperomia does best with bright, indirect light. It can do well in partial sun, but it does not tolerate full, direct sun. Nor does it like Dark Areas.

Keep away from radiators, direct draft (windows/doors), direct sun.

15c - 25c 

Keep moist, does not like extremes. Do not let the soil completely dry out but also it must not be over watered. Water from the bottom, avoid watering directly onto the foliage. Let the plant drink up what it needs and then let the excess drain away before placing it back in its ceramic pot. Do not let it stand in water continuously. Ideally water once a week. 

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